Minato Science Museum

For the time being, admission to events and to the museum is by reservation only to prevent the spread of infection. Reservations are required on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please make a phone call for the admission to the museum.【03-6381-5042】

Notes to visit us

You can enjoy the museum for 120 minutes at a time. There will be four rotations a day museum in order to prevent coronavirus infection.

For booking the event, online booking system will be available soon. Capacities and starting times may vary depending on the events. Also, some events require an entry fee. For detailed information, please refer to the Minato Science Museum official website.

●General Admission entry to the museum is FREE. An admission applies for entry to the Planetarium Hall and some events. Please pay in cash.

Meteorological Science Museum will be located in the same building. It closes at 5pm.

●Please read requests below.

Points to note when making a reservation

We are unable to accept reservations by emails.

Reservation will be closed as soon as we reach capacity.

Please call us at 03-6381-5042 if you want to cancel and change reservations.

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Please note that the following requests when you visit the museum.

Please refrain from visiting the following

If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or more./Those who have shortness of breath or strong sluggishness./Those who have symptoms such as cough and sore throat, even if they are slight./Those who have traveled to a country or region where the spread of infection has continued within the past two weeks

●Please wear a mask to cover your nose and mouth.

A non-contact thermometer will be used to measure your temperature.

Please write down your name and emergency contact information.

*Personal information may be provided to public institutions, such as health centers, as necessary.

*The personal information is shredded and disposed of in a manner that makes it impossible to recover at the beginning of the following month.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.